Legal Costs & Attorney Fees

Attorney fees and the overall costs for legal services varies from case to case. Some of the variables that affect the costs for legal services include the number of hours to prepare and manage a case, court costs and costs for third party services. At the time of your initial consultation we can discuss anticipated costs and circumstances that may occur which could affect the final cost for our services.

Merbaum & Becker offers clients several fee structures and payment options. In certain circumstances there may be additional charges for outside services such as investigators or expert witnesses.

No unexpected add-on charges

Prior to hiring outside services we will advise you of the need, and act according to your decisions. In every instance where we need to hire third party services we strive to utilize those that provide high quality work at a reasonable price.

Payment Options

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We Have Four Billing Options

Hourly Fee

Hourly Billing, as the name suggests, means the law firm bills the client at a pre-defined rate for expenses and hours accrued in handling the case.

Our attorney-client agreement defines the hourly rate, the services to be rendered, and the obligations of both attorney and client.

Flat Fee

Flat Fee Billing is appropriate for routine legal services where there is no litigation and the process is straightforward.

This is common in cases involving Magistrate Court representation, filing for incorporation, consumer debt negotiations, demand letters, and dispossessory actions.

Contingency Fee

Contingency Fee Billing (also called a contingent fee) allow for a law firm to accept a percentage of any money awarded to the client. If the case is not successful, the client is not billed for the law firm’s time.

Whether you win or lose, the client is responsible for costs such as court fees, expert witness costs, etc.

Mixed Fee

Mixed Fee Billing is basically a reduced hourly rate fee, plus a contingency percentage which is lower than the normal contingency fee percentage.  This is a billing option not offered by every law firm.

As with contingency fee billing, the client pays for the costs of third party services, court fees, etc.